UV/EB Curable Solid Resins

100% Solid | No Solvents | No VOCs

UV/EB Curable Solid Resins

High performance resins used in ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) powder coatings for heat sensitive and traditional substrates, additives in inks and toners, 3D printing/additive manufacturing materials, and specialized UV/EB cured products.

Keyland Polymer’s UV solid resins are sustainable, contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs,) and they are safe to make and use. Keyland’s resins are REACH compliant and meet other stringent environmental regulatory requirements.

Keyland Polymer currently offers two resin formulations:

UVP-1300 Unsaturated Polyester-Methacrylate Resin
UVE-5100 Epoxy-Methacrylate Resin

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About Our Company

Responding to European market interest in UV cured powder coatings, Keyland Polymer Material Sciences established Keyland Polymer UV Materials Spain, which develops and manufacturers resins for UV cured powder coatings and other UV and EB cured solid materials.

Keyland UV Materials Spain is a fully staffed resin development laboratory located in Barcelona. Keyland Spain’s business agent represents resin sales activities through InterPur Chemical, also located in Barcelona.

scientists working on sustainable resins

Innovation is the forefront of our business. We love the challenge and will work with you to develop a resin to meet your specific requirements.

Keyland Polymer has a complete resin synthesis lab with global reach and distribution capabilities. The lab can produce small batch resin samples up to 10 kg.

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